Saturday, April 27, 2013

Check Nemeth Wild on Facebook for Updates!

Hello! I have made a page for Nemeth Wild on Facebook, which you can find at
Or type "Nemeth Wild" into the search bar on Facebook.

I will probably not update this blog consistently. Facebook or Etsy are the best places to find out what's new.

A few more announcements:
Nemeth Wild clothing and accessories will be available in the boutique at Frill!
Frill is a lolita convention, which will be held June 1-2 this year (2013) in Decatur, Georgia.

I will not be at Frill in person this year, but I'm already scheming for next year. It seems like a lot of fun, and there will be lots of shopping with brands from around the world represented. I'm very excited to be a part of it!

Nemeth Wild will have a booth at Anime Iowa 2013, which is July 26-28 in Coralville. Please stop by!

On May 20th, the price of bloomers in the Etsy shop will increase to $20. This applies to both custom and ready-made bloomers, petite to plus size and everything in-between.

I hope everyone is enjoying lovely spring weather!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gothic, Mori, and Nautical- Sneak Peek

Hello! Just some quick pictures today.
First of all, two new fabrics that I'm making into high-waisted skirts. One is black with gold crosses, and that's gorgeous Venise lace sewn along the hem. The other is brown mushrooms on a cream background. Both fabrics make me think of Halloween coming up. The black is gothic at its best, and I'd like to see the mushroom in either a mori or classic lolita coordinate. 

Next up is sailor stripes. I made this sailor collar and pleated skirt as raffle prizes for the Lolita Tea Party at Saboten Con. Click for more info on the tea party. It's in Arizona on Sept 1-3. I'd love to go but it's too far away for me. Sailor collars and skirts will be in the shop by custom order soon.

Also coming soon: more ready to ship bloomers, velveteen dresses, and chiffon blouses. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Minx and Mini DIY

Hello! Recently Minx of the shop MinxDenPartDeux purchased a headband from my shop and did a review of it along with 2 other cute Etsy shops. You can watch it here
The headband she ordered was one of a kind, but there are similar ones here and here. 

One of the other items she reviewed was a brooch, so I took it as a sign to put up a 10-second DIY using brooches.

Step 1. Find a brooch, pin, or badge and a hair elastic.

Step 2.  Open up the pin so the poky end is sticking out.

Step 3. Stick the pin through one part of the hair elastic, then stick it through again a little farther along.

Step 4. Close up the pin again and don't stab yourself.

Step 5. Admire your new hair tie/bracelet. Put it in your hair or around your wrist. Ta-dah!

Here are a few more of mine.

At the top is my Hieronymus Bosch pin that my friend got at a museum gift shop for me. To the right is my handmade brooch.
I feel like this is too easy to call a DIY- has everyone already thought of this? It seriously takes 10 seconds, and you can always take the brooch back off if you want to wear it as a brooch again. 
I have long hair but I usually just stick it in a ponytail or braid, so I like to add things to my hair ties. You can do the same thing with clip that has a hole in the center- just slide the pin through. This also makes it easier to find hair ties in the bottom of your purse.

Friday, July 13, 2012

A dress in progress / Choosing trims

Hello! I'm working on several dresses and skirts right now. I decided to take a break from sewing to show one dress I'm making. I've sewn together the shell fabric, but not the lining, and the zipper isn't in yet. You can see that one strap is waiting for elastic so it will ruffle like the other one.

The fabric is deep purple with tiny sakura flowers all over it.  For trim I decided on soft dotted tulle, which ruffles nicely. I made a flower out of the same tulle with a little pearl in the center. Even though the dress is simple, I played around with the trim a lot before deciding how to place it. I really like having the ruffles on the straps and I'll definitely do that on another dress sometime.

The dress is a size 2X (at least by my size chart. It's larger that my size XL anyway). It laces up in the back like the last few dresses I've made, so the size/tightness is adjustable. I really want to have a wide variety of sizes in stock and ready to ship in my shop, so that's what I'm working towards. 

I have so many ideas of clothes I want to sew, like blouses, bloomers, and Pullip doll clothes. I'm forcing myself to at least finish the skirts and dresses I have started before I move on to bloomers. I did order some white knit fabric (like t-shirt material) to make soft bloomers with. 

There's so much to do that I'd better get back to sewing now.

P.S. I started a Tumblr recently at
Follow me to see pictures of things I find cute. I'd like more Tumblrs to follow too if you have any suggestions!

Friday, July 6, 2012


Hello! Last Sunday I went to the Rookie Mag meet-up in Iowa City. Rookie Mag is a website for teen girls, but really it's awesome enough that everyone should be reading it. Go look at it if you haven't.

My boyfriend Andi came to the event and even drove, because he is the best. He took two pictures for me. The first is a slightly blurry one of me with Tavi, the founder and editor-in-chief of Rookie aka the coolest person ever. I'm the one in blue. I'm wearing heels. Tavi is holding a bag with a dress that I gave her inside. I was happy that she wanted it. We're standing in The White Rabbit, a store that sells vintage and local clothes and accessories. I got a Leslie Hall cd there and have now listened to it a LOT of times.

After The White Rabbit we walked over to The Record Collector, which is unsurprisingly a record and cd store. There was a group picture at The White Rabbit, but some people left before we took another group picture at The Record Collector.

Sorry everyone for demon eyes.
I debated getting an Elvis record but didn't since I would have to borrow a record player to listen to it. Andi got a CCR cd. I noticed that the woman working at The Record Collector had my favorite brand of cold green tea, so I asked where she got it. Andi and I walked over to the Co-op so I could get a bottle of tea. The woman at the cash register there asked if I had just been at the Rookie thing. She said
she went to the meet-up but only for a minute.

There are more stops left on the tour, so if you're reading this and are thinking of going to a meet up, definitely do it! It looks like they are having fun everywhere.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New dresses ready to ship in my shop!

Hello! Lately I've been working on items to have in stock, ready to ship in my shop (
I love the latest two items I've put up for sale, a white dress and a black dress. The white dress is made of toile de jouy fabric. The dress has buttons to make getting in and out of it easy. The zipper is in the side seam. I was excited to finally use my vintage fabric covered button set for this. Fabric stores sell kits for making your own fabric covered buttons, but I've never seen ones with a "halo" around the edge like these vintage ones I found.  Can you see the white lace along the top and on the seams here? 

I added a blue satin sash to the white dress because it makes me think of Marie Antoinette. This dress was so hard to photograph. Sigh.

By the way, I like the sets and costumes of the movie Marie Antoinette (the Sofia Coppola one, with Kirsten Dunst), but the words bother me. I play the movie with French dubbing and English subtitles, and that way I focus more on the pretty scenes. I don't speak French, at least more than a few words like bonjour and macaron.

The other dress is called the Black Rose Dress, for the print of the fabric. It's feminine but more dark than sweet. The bodice has pleated black tulle.

Both dresses lace up in back with matching cord. I like making thin cord out of fabric to match because I think it's a nice detail. It does take awhile to make the cord, but maybe I'll get faster if I keep making long lengths of it.

I made a dress for myself with this pattern, and the lacing is so nice. I can make it fairly tight for a fitted silhouette. Then I can loosen it for leaning back on the couch and relaxing.

Next up for the shop is more dresses, skirts, and big tulle hairbows ala Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I even got some googley eyes to stick on the hairbows. Everyday pon!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hello! So, I still don't have a twitter or a tumblr... but I did give in to the allure of Pinterest! Click on the link to follow my pins

I just started using it, so if anyone is reading and has boards to suggest following, please tell me! I like cute and pretty things: pastries, cups of tea, diy ideas. I'd especially like suggestions of fashion boards to follow on Pinterest. Oh, and books! I have nothing on my Book board yet but I love reading.

So far my Food board has the most pins and it's mostly pastry.
That's because I'm following which is full of all the macarons and pretty Paris scenes you could wish for. The main blog of Paris Breakfast is over here by the way I recommend reading it everyday unless you hate Paris and breakfast.

If anyone has been thinking about joining Pinterest but you need an invite, just ask and I'll send you an invite (by e-mail).