Friday, July 6, 2012


Hello! Last Sunday I went to the Rookie Mag meet-up in Iowa City. Rookie Mag is a website for teen girls, but really it's awesome enough that everyone should be reading it. Go look at it if you haven't.

My boyfriend Andi came to the event and even drove, because he is the best. He took two pictures for me. The first is a slightly blurry one of me with Tavi, the founder and editor-in-chief of Rookie aka the coolest person ever. I'm the one in blue. I'm wearing heels. Tavi is holding a bag with a dress that I gave her inside. I was happy that she wanted it. We're standing in The White Rabbit, a store that sells vintage and local clothes and accessories. I got a Leslie Hall cd there and have now listened to it a LOT of times.

After The White Rabbit we walked over to The Record Collector, which is unsurprisingly a record and cd store. There was a group picture at The White Rabbit, but some people left before we took another group picture at The Record Collector.

Sorry everyone for demon eyes.
I debated getting an Elvis record but didn't since I would have to borrow a record player to listen to it. Andi got a CCR cd. I noticed that the woman working at The Record Collector had my favorite brand of cold green tea, so I asked where she got it. Andi and I walked over to the Co-op so I could get a bottle of tea. The woman at the cash register there asked if I had just been at the Rookie thing. She said
she went to the meet-up but only for a minute.

There are more stops left on the tour, so if you're reading this and are thinking of going to a meet up, definitely do it! It looks like they are having fun everywhere.


  1. I found you via Rookie!
    1. You're very lucky
    2. I'm happy I found you and that you have a shop on Etsy
    You're really talented for sewing :o

  2. Rookie is awesome. I'm glad they stopped in Iowa ^-^
    Thank you! I learned to sew and design because I couldn't find the clothes I wanted to wear.